Coffee cup thoughts

13 03 2012

Over my morning coffee, I thought about how much I am enjoying being able to hear now, even though some days I have to bite my tongue when it gets too loud. Last night I made a cup of tea in the kitchen and I could hear when the kettle boiled SSSSSSSSSSSSSS and it was ready to pour.  I listened to a sound PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP and I knew straightaway that the sound was water – at first I thought something was dripping but then it took me a second and I realised – aha! – it was my dog drinking from his water bowl.  I went up the stairs and I heard SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW …. my dog padding behind me on the carpet.  It was amazing and reassuring to know that he was there, just by hearing him behind me. He disappeared from view and I could hear this skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SK-SK-SK-SK-SK-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR sound, I was sure he was scratching himself and put my head around the door to check, and hey presto, I was right! I could also hear someone talking downstairs and wondered with a jolt if someone had walked in off the street, then I realised it was the TV chattering away – this surprised me as it was on so low that it was just audible.  All these little things made me smile.




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13 03 2012

I am finding exactly the same thing. All sorts of noises happen and I take ages figuring out what they are. I heard a plink-plink noise a couple of days ago in the bathroom and it turned out to be the shower dripping. It’s surprising how noisy the birds are in my garden. I had the windows open in the afternoon and the continuous screeching got on my nerves in the end. It was really loud and I shut the windows after a while. Also I can hear the cat when he wants my attention. The only thing is he has got used to me hearing him and if I don’t have my CI on he gets a bit fed up and gives me a nudge with his claws out. I can hear him outside calling to come in too, that’s quite a new thing.

13 03 2012

And I have learned to identify the sound of my cat scratching hell out of the back door!

14 03 2012

They make me smile too! I had a similar experience as I found myself listening to the TV in the living room – in the kitchen! That was a somewhat surreal experience . . .

14 03 2012

Pleased for you Tina After reading things on the up 🙂 from my heart good luck to you, as you know my Implants were Extracted but hey Im fighting on and hard..Please if you visit FB add a LIKE please..

GOOD LUCK to ALL here.

15 03 2012

how very awesome for you ive run out of new things to hear in my 17 yrs of being a cochlear implanee but now and again i will hear the odd new sounds may u hear more new sounds that make u smile 🙂

20 03 2012

Poor Dog is getting thoroughly bored. Give it to Rashad.

20 03 2012

LOL! How are you, Sammarcko?

3 05 2012
Carol Strait

I am beginning appointments to my considering a Cochlear Implant. I have had Meniere’s Disease for 25 years and my hearing is really getting progressively worse now even with hearing aids. Is there anyone who has Meneire’s and Cochlear Implants on this site? How are you doing with them? Would you recommend them?

15 05 2012
Tom Hannon

Hi Carol, hopefully you’ve discovered that Tina has a wealth information about cochlear implants here on her blog, and as you also discovered The Hearing Journey Forum is an incredible place to hear CI users talking about their choice of implant(s). There are many people who have Ménière’s disease and who have had great results with a CI.

I see you’ve found our group of Advanced Bionics implantees here in the San Francisco Bay Area; we get together four times a year and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday. In the meantime you may want to pop over to to get a head start at better understanding much of what you will need to know about cochlear implants. I hope this helps a little.

29 05 2012
Jason J

This little story brings a sme to my face. As I being a 42 yr old male who had just in the last 7 years started to develope hearing loss in my left ear and had some restorative surgery and now going again for my right ear. Thanks to my wife i had the support to go forward and invest in a phonak hearing aid. As of May 24,2012. I can say my life was changed for the better. I will always remember walking out of Ma. Eye & Ear Infirmery. And looking and listeni g to my surroundings as if for the very first time and hearing all the birds chirpping and people buslling about. I felt now I am can enjoy those little things that others take for granted. And have given me what I will take as a second chance to live life to my fullest.

29 05 2012

Yeah! Jason, it’s like cleaning a really dirty window and letting the light back in, right? We can get so much enjoyment out of life’s little pleasures 🙂

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