From Us To You

1 05 2012

Do you remember how hard it was when you were younger and deaf? Before you found your way in life? Before you became successful?

Or are you young and deaf, and you’re wondering how you can be successful, but don’t know if this is possible.

Check out Ted Evan’s wonderful film which looks at deaf role models. It’s very well done indeed. Very thoughtful. Very moving. It’s film-making at its best. Nadia is a superstar. Larry actually made me choke up and …. um…. cry 🙂

Watch the film and find out why …. and tell us about your role models.




3 responses

2 05 2012

Awwww…gee….Mahalo for posting the video.

I was SO inspired after viewing it, and I just saw it for the first time yesterday.
Beautifully done by Ted Evans, with a beautiful message for all of us.


3 05 2012

Fascinating to watch this. “I think part of the problem when you are young is when you can’t see your role models, or people like ‘you,’ it’s hard to envisage yourself succeeding in life.” I love that sentence for it expresses what I would like to say. I felt so invisible for so many years. Good film and going to share it!

3 05 2012
From Us To You

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