New cochlear implant user group in Norfolk

30 06 2012

An exciting NEW cochlear implant user group has been set up near you in Norfolk – a fantastic NEW opportunity to share our experiences and tips for using a CI, as well as making new friends!

Come along to our first meeting, with some special events organised to celebrate the start of the new group, including talks from professionals , ‘try it yourself’ workshops and other activities organised to mark the special occasion!

When: Saturday 28th July 2012 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Who: Anyone – CI users, people thinking about CIs, parents & family etc.
Where: West Norfolk Deaf Association, Railway Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1NF

For more information visit:

Supported by Action on Hearing Loss, WNDA, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, deafconnexions, Addenbrooke’s Hospital




10 responses

5 09 2012

Lovely graphic! Any idea who the artist is?

5 09 2012

I’m afraid not, Joe! I agree, it’s very attractive and positive.

17 12 2012

I had my CI Op last Thursday in Cambridge my fitting date is the 8th January switch on date unknown. So i am going through the deaf period which is giving me time to think. My big thought is that i would like CI users lapel badge, what do think am i bonkers?

17 12 2012

Congratulations! Have you met the Home Counties CI Group in London yet for a celebratory drink? You can find them at

You could wear a badge if you want to. Although your CI will do the advertising (unless you cover it with long hair/hat) and people tend to think it is one of these new-fangled bluetooth phones that sit on your ear.

You’ll be hearing so well with it that you most probably won’t need a badge after a few months! 🙂

17 12 2012

Bald thanks to a Brain Tumour surgery and Radiotherapy.

Also left disabled so hip hop dancing and Tequila Slammers are a no no for a while

17 12 2012

No need for a badge then – you get to show the CI off instead! And I guess the party will have to come to you 🙂

17 12 2012


17 12 2012

Can I post a picture on this site? I am an Artist and have a fun idea for a fun email signature.

17 12 2012

I can post it for you, will email you

16 01 2014

Have you seen the shirt that holds CI processors for swimming and other physical activity. Check it out at

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