Coffee cup moment

11 08 2012

It’s a lovely sunny day with a little breeze. I’d been sitting in the garden with a drink, enjoying the peace. Funnily enough, my Hearing Dog prefers to stay inside, in the lounge at the front of the house. I sat listening to the sounds around me…. cars going past, the breeze rustling the leaves of the trees around me, birds singing, a child calling out, a car alarm going off for a few seconds. I changed my cochlear implants from IDR 70 to IDR 80 – a small but startling change. I could now hear an annoying hum, too loud to ignore it. It could only be traffic from a busy road 1/2 mile away. It’s funny how, with cochlear implants, we can ‘adjust’ our bionic hearing in ways that hearing people can’t. As the sun went down, I moved inside to sit inside the conservatory. Back to IDR 70, it was peaceful again … except for the annoying THUNK of one of the fences against its post (must fix that) and a weird sound from next door (the neighbour’s TV? Haven’t worked this one out yet). Then a surprisingly loud sound, a sharp and quick THUG-THUG-THUG-THUG-THUG-THUG across the roof – I looked up and saw the shadow of a bird stomping across, each claw matching the sound as it made contact. I laughed out loud at that one.

No wonder my dog prefers to stay in the lounge – it’s much quieter!




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11 08 2012
Catherine Mellor

Imagining having a cup of coffee with you there!

11 08 2012

And cake!

11 08 2012
Harry Monroe

Wonderful to read all your blogs. As a retired hearing-aid audiologist, I was never involved in such fittings but did refer some of my patients for CI operations. Now a close friend of mine, who has been deaf since a teenager has been fitted in his late 60s and is having probs after his first fitting. He was a lecturer in lip-reading and did signing for the BBC. I will refer him to your blog to give him support

11 08 2012

Hi Harry, I might know him as I’m a lipreading teacher. You can point him towards this page if you haven’t found it already. I wish him all the best!

11 08 2012

Once you get used to hearing all the lovely sounds around the house and the garden, you are completely unprepared for the sunny morning when you plug in your ear and hear — NOTHING!

You take another sip of coffee and try again (maybe your hair was too wet)? No, no, that’s not it. You change the battery. You change the headpiece. You change the…and still NOTHING.

You run upstairs, where you can check the whole procedure while looking in the mirror, and while taking a very deep breath, you still hear NO NOTHING!

As opposed to the HA with its terrible ear mould and tinny sound, I actually wear my CI ear every waking moment.

Luckily, AB sends me a loaner with next day delivery. PHEW!

11 08 2012

URGH! So glad the next day worked out ok for you in the end!

13 08 2012

I tried on a demo Neptune and T-comm at the HLAA convention. When I put my Harmony back on – NOTHING! Even though I was surrounded by AB audiologists, it was a minor panic moment. It turned out that I had inadvertently put the dummy demo T-mic on my Harmony, and of course it didn’t work.

Revel in the cacophony!

6 09 2012
Sumon Ahmed

I like coffee so much. And i feel very fresh after take a cup of coffee when i feel tried.

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