I can’t hear you!

30 09 2012

I went to the Royal Albert Hall in London last night, a concert hall with fabulous acoustics. I was really really excited about this concert as the singer was George Michael. As a child, I used to fall asleep every night listening to his music through headphones. Plus, this was my first concert with bionic hearing, and bilateral at that!

I played about with the 3 program slots and found that my usual music slot (IDR 80, no Clearvoice) made the orchestra sound mushy, kind of blurry around the edges. There was just too much stuff going on. My 3rd slot has Clearvoice high with IDR 70 and I really liked this one as it pulled out the vocals to the front, but the music was a bit quieter than I would have liked. I settled on my everyday slot, IDR70 with Clearvoice medium.

My favourite moment was when GM held out his microphone to the audience for them to sing a chorus. They did, then he shouted “I can’t hear you!” and held out the mic again. I actually understood what he said!!

My second wow moment came when he left the stage, and people started whistling for him to come back… I could hear all those whistles loud and clear!!

I loved the whole experience, it was simply brilliant, the music sounded wonderful and I am so glad I finally got to hear that amazing voice properly!




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1 10 2012

I’m happy for you too.

1 10 2012

How utterly wonderful! Especially and ironically hearing his, “I can’t hear you!”

1 10 2012

…although now retired, I spent the vast majority of my professional life dealing with fitting of hearing aids, and it always gave me the greatest of thrills when a patient told me how the positive side of their life had increased after fitting. The description you gave of your CI experience is wonderful and am passing it on to one of my friends who is in the early days of a CI fitting….thanks!

1 10 2012

you lucky lucky person… this is fabulous,well done !

1 10 2012

Did you sing along?

I loved the sound experience at the Albert Hall too, from my own recent visit to the Proms!

1 10 2012

HAHA – nooooooo! I only sing in the bathroom 🙂

1 10 2012

New programme idea for Gareth Malone: teach implantees to sing! 😉

3 10 2012

You should have come to the Composition for Cochlear Implantees at Southampton (Turner Sims Theatre) We did clapping to the special cheese songs and it was great fun! Great Harp music too! It was a lovely seminar about how music helps some cochlear implantees who took part in the trials and how they are going to make this an online program, hopefully next year as luckily they got another year’s funding for it to be improved. So glad my hubby and I went – he even took part too!

3 10 2012

I went to one of those last year in London, it was really good!

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