Marlee Signs – Learn American Sign Language With Marlee Matlin

22 10 2012

Release Date / 07 October 2012

Platform / iPhone

A fun interactive American Sign Language iPhone and iPad app has landed on the App Store!

Marlee Matlin, who is deaf herself, developed the app to assist in teaching deaf and non deaf people alike. She is very passionate about it and being a major celebrity wants to use her influence to raise awareness.

The app is free to download on both iPhone and iPad with the option of downloading various lesson packs.

Itunes Link –



4 responses

22 10 2012

I don’t have a cell phone and have no plans to acquire one. I don’t understand the proliferation of app’s for the phone that can NOT be downloaded to the computer. What IS this?

22 10 2012

The whole world seems to be collapsing into a smartphone these days! Everyone wants to do things on the fly rather than wait until they are sitting at a computer.

23 10 2012
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[…] Marlee Signs – Learn American Sign Language With Marlee Matlin ( […]

9 11 2012

This sounds like a great app.. I’ve always been interested in sign language.

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