Coffee cup thoughts

25 10 2012

This is the first time I’ve followed up lunch with a couple of painkiller tablets. I had lasagne in one of those polystyrene containers.

The sound of the fork scraping against the box, the sound of the lid eeeeeeking against my brain every time I moved the box, was just too much to take. It’s a nasty, nasty sound. It’s right there at the top, worse than screaming babies. Could anything possibly BE more horrendous?! I wonder if they use this sound to torture people, it sure would work for me!




One response

26 10 2012

Hello Tina! This same sound makes my hearing family cringe too, along with pulling clear packing tape off the roll. They HATE that tape sound, and forks scraping on glass plates. I’m trying to reach you over on Hearing Journey with a question – would you please email me when you can?
Thank you! 🙂

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