Two Phones Tina

29 11 2012

We have taken on a lot of new staff recently and a colleague Martin emailed the team a list of everyone’s phone extension numbers to keep us all straight. I replied to him with a reminder to let the newbies know that I can’t hear well on the phone and they are not to phone my extension, although I could understand him on the phone alright as I know his voice quite well so I don’t mind if he rings me. If I know it’s him, he’s likely to talk about a front desk issue, so I have an ‘expected’ set of vocabulary to listen to. Having an idea of what someone is going to say makes for an easier time when working out what they are actually saying. He asked me if my phone has caller ID, he rang me, I checked, and it does. I just need to make sure I pick up the digital phone and not the analogue textphone. (Yeah this is Two Phones Tina you’re speaking to)

So I was totally horrified to get this group email from Martin a few minutes after our chat ….

Sorry, should have added on that last email for those that aren’t aware, while Tina is getting used to using the phone since having her cochlear implants, she does like getting the practice, particularly with a range of different voices so, do feel free to call her on the number below but don’t be surprised if she hangs up on you if you’re mumbling or speaking too quickly 😉 She will know who’s called though through the caller id display…


Of course, knowing my lovely colleagues, straight away my phone rang – F******!

I checked the caller ID……. Thank. You. Kathy.

Kathy says hi, can you hear me okay, I have a cold so my voice sounds different, are you lipreading me through the glass wall?… can you understand me without lipreading? ok I need to slow down a bit … blah blah blah ….. so you have improved a lot, you can hear me okay, I think I will phone you every day so you can get some more practice …

I put the phone down. Stunned.




5 responses

29 11 2012
Catherine Mellor

Only the ones who walk in your shoes can appreciate your feelings. But I do have to admit to a snort of humorous appreciation at your predicament! 🙂

29 11 2012
Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Ok, this was funny lol! Did Martin do that on purpose? 😀
Well, on the bright side, his voice will no longer be the only one you are familiar with! 😉

29 11 2012

He probably did! 🙂

29 11 2012

I find this this amusing, scary and you’re brave! When I had norman – real hearing I never gave such things even a slightest thought, why are we afraid of such things? I so briefly used them when my ci’s (3) worked and just assumed them would get better. What doe it the future hold, its years since I used one now? Posts like this mean so much to some and cause us to both to consider what has been and what may be.. Activation somewhere about 18,19,20 December, here’s hoping! Cheers

29 11 2012

Ohhh good luck CJ! Not long now before you’ll be having all this fun too …

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