Merry Bionic Christmas

23 12 2012

carol service

I’ve been getting into the festive spirit by attending christmas carol services. I was very intrigued as this was a first time for me, hearing hymns clearly – and in stereo to boot!

My first experience was in a large marble hall at Senate House London where a choir took the lead.  I was able to pick out the lead singer’s voice quite quickly as she was louder and richer than the rest. Her voice was just beautiful to listen to, and I could have listened to her sing all day. My friend, who had one cochlear implat, was having trouble following along with the words being sung, and I found it immensely helpful to look at the conductor and lipread him.


Another carol service I attended was at the Swiss Church in London. This small church had just been remodelled Apple-style, and was very white and very beautiful. But OH!! The acoustics! There were no carpets or curtains to absorb the sound, and the hymns were echoey and far less pleasing than they had sounded in Senate House. Even my hearing colleages who attended with me, found it difficult to hear well inside this church. I was really very surprised at the difference in acoustics. Next time, I’ll bring carpet and curtains!

Mumford & SonsThen for a different kind of christmas spirit! I attended a concert headed by Mumford & Sons at the O2. I had attended a George Michael concert at the Royal Albert Hall recently – plush seating for 5,000 and lots of  curtains, with superb sound. O2 is a huge concert venue seating 20,000. I was worried the experience at the O2 would be like my experience at a U2 concert in Dublin – unable to see over the people in front of me (being petite in a sea of people standing up) and unable to hear over the noise of everyone screaming. At the O2, I was surprised to discover I could hear the music and singers very well indeed. Interestingly, my (hearing) friend said it was too loud, but I found it just right – thanks to Clearvoice and AGC (Automatic  Gain Control).

I’ve been blessed with a year of bilateral bionic hearing and look forward to the next one. Merry Christmas everyone.

mince pie




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24 12 2012
Catherine Mellor

Merry Christmas to you, too. Always good to read your experiences!

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