Coffee cup moment

4 02 2013

coffee key

Since I returned from the Middle East 3 weeks ago, I’ve been putting the heating on a lot to try to warm up the house. Don’t live in an open-plan house, folks!

I notice that when I put the oven on, a few minutes later, I hear a frighteningly loud thumping noise. The boiler outlet pipe outside has been dripping constantly, the pressure gauge is at 2.5 instead of around 1, and I’ve had lukewarm baths and showers. Ugh – it’s time to call a plumber!

I googled online for a local plumber and found this nice website, You post a job online and wait for the quotes to roll in, and you can contact tradesmen through the site. I signed up, checked out the reviews, and picked out a local plumber. Then I had to verify my phone number online. Ooo-eerr! This meant when I clicked the “verify” button, the site would call my phone and give me a code, which I would then have to enter online.

*deep breath*

I clicked “verify”, my phone rang, and I picked it up.  A robotic voice said ‘This is an automated call to verify your number, your code is 2596″. It repeated the message again. I input “2596” and it didn’t work.

I thought for a moment, then input “3596”.

YAY – it worked!

Such a simple thing for most people.

But such a BIG thing for me – thanks to my cochlear implants 🙂



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4 02 2013

Good stuff Tina! I am getting used to the answer-phone messages. At first they were totally incomprehensible to me, but now I follow then (helps obviously having heard them before) but it is so useful!

4 02 2013

You are so brave, Tina. Good for you! Did the plumber do the trick and are you now warm as golden toast?

After thinking about it for months, I finally decided that I had to have a website, but what to do about client’s calling? I know that I can handle a phone call from a friend or a family member, but a fast-taking stranger — no!

I wait by the phone when it rings — yes, yes, yes, I can hear it ringing, but once heard, I hope the call and the caller will go away. I look at the phone, I breathe deeply, I hear it ringing rings and then decide that if it’s still ringing after 17 rings — then I’ll answer it 😉

12 02 2013

The plumber had to order spare parts and he came back today to do the job. The house is warm 🙂

Good for you! Why not do what I do. I use two voicemail to text services, one is Answer – pay-as-you-go for my mobile – and the other is monthly fixed for my landline. I keep my numbers and the calls are automatically diverted and sent to me as a text and/or email. I wouldn’t be without them now.

5 02 2013
Catherine Mellor

Clapping my hands here! I know what that means!

5 02 2013

What happened to my comment? The one I posted last night 😦

12 02 2013

Hi Nanna – I found it in my spam box!

12 02 2013

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