Marathon training : Day 24

2 03 2013

… it was 9.35am, I was 5 minutes late for my session with my personal trainer Darren. I’d travelled from Wimbledon to Hackney on a cold Saturday morning. It was shiveringly cold!

Darren: Where did you phone me from?

Me: [Sarcastically] My mobile!

Darren: [puzzled look]

Me: I called you when I got off the bus!

Darren: I thought you couldn’t hear?

So I explained that with my cochlear implants, put me in a testing booth and my hearing is perfect. But my hearing is only 3 years old, like a baby, and I’m not used to processing sound. I can hear, but I am learning how to listen, to understand what different sounds are, to put complex bits of words together so they make sense. And people talk so fast! With accents. Against background noise. Changing topic quickly. It’s a huge brain stretch and like running, it takes time to learn how to hear. I was happy that I could understand Darren’s voice on the phone, and it helps that he speaks clearly!

Darren: Today you’re going to run, and run, and run some more!

Yep, all I did was run. And actually, it really wasn’t that bad.  I’ve improved a lot since my first personal training session – this is my third. I blasted my way up that killer hill without stopping, crawling or moaning weakly as I did in my last two sessions, I just got pretty tired at the top but I did steam all the way up that hill 🙂

Elroy turned up and I tried listening to his voice as I stretched, but it was hopeless. He’s too deep, way too deep!

Sweatshop, Clapham

On the way home, I popped into a local Sweatshop – did you know they have a running group at each branch? Check out their running community, what a fab idea!

I spoke to their guy about the numbness in my feet, he asked me to run around the shop with shoes on and again in bare feet, so he could check my gait – which turned out to be neutral. My trainers don’t have much wear so he suggested I try thin socks instead of the padded ones I usually wear. I’ll run in thin socks this week and if I still don’t like them, I’ll check back for new trainers, half a size larger.

I thought I’d check how long it would take to walk from home to my training session. Check out the map! Google says it is 14 miles and would take 4 hours 40 minutes to walk it – crumbs!! I’m comparing this to the marathon!! It’s only 1 hour 17 mins on public transport and I have to run/walk TWICE this distance next month! Arrrghhh.

Route from home to killer personal training session
Route from home to killer personal training session

The worst thing about today was travelling home, when I was at street level. It was 4C but felt like -1C with the wind chill. Freezing … when you’re only wearing a runners vest and jacket.

I was waiting to cross the road and a few ladies stood next to me, chatting. One of them had this wonderfully-warm looking fur coat on her, I couldn’t stop eyeing it up and I was THIS close to grabbing it off her to warm myself up. LOL.

This message at the tube station warmed me up plenty though …

 thought of the day

I’m running the London Marathon for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, raising funds to help train a life-changing hearing dog for another deaf person.




3 responses

2 03 2013
Sam Spritzer

I am loving all of this….totally and truly loving all of this!! I dream that someday we’ll run a marathon together. 🙂

2 03 2013

Awww Sam, that would be great! Your side of the pond or mine? 😉

3 03 2013
Cathy Fay

I’m so impressed Tina – your training seems to be going well – I admire anyone who can do a Marathon!! xx

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