Marathon training: Day 32

10 03 2013


The dreaded calf muscle cramp reared its ugly head in my left leg again this week, during my street sprinting on Tuesday. I had warmed up with a slow one mile jog but I hadn’t stretched before my run. I did a street loop with the group as a warm up, then we started sprinting in small groups. It was great to run with the local runner’s group and get some moral support as I pounded the streets – the thing was, this week our route took us past my house – again, again, and again, as we did loops – all I kept thinking was ‘I want to be at home with my feet up and a cup of tea with my dog’! Throughout this run, I felt as if my lungs weren’t big enough and I couldn’t get enough oxygen into them, although my breathing was regular and I kept up my pace. It was cold and brutal, but it was good.

On Wednesday I attended a workshop where the theme was disability access, led by a disabled trainer. With no deaf awareness. The upshot was I ended up lipreading everyone in the room, twisting round constantly in my chair to do this, and the trainer kept moving around as well. I asked her twice to stay still so I could lipread her, and she suggested that I move around the room to lipread her. Don’t think so! So, for the rest of the week I have been unable to look to my left / right without a jolt of pain from my neck down my shoulders and back.

Last Saturday I was able to run up the killer hill with my personal trainer in the park we train in. This Saturday’s session saw me, for the first time, able to run up Killer Hill No.2 without any help – this hill is steeper so I was very pleased! Unfortunately, next week I will be expected to run up both hills. Talk about shooting myself in the foot!

Warming up and stretching are so important, to avoid injury and to take care of injury. Here’s a great article on stretching, warming up, and cooling down.

This week’s workout stats;

  • Distance: 17.8km / 11 miles
  • Time: 3.35 hours
  • 1,922 calories burned

Gotta up the mileage!



2 responses

10 03 2013

Let’s hope that Vanderbilt thing lessens our dependency on lip-reading. Feeling your pain!

13 03 2013

What planet was this workshop on? Disability awareness without deaf awareness?!?

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