AB launches Naida CI Q70 in Europe and Canada

23 05 2013


“Sonova Holding AG, the world’s leading provider of hearing solutions, announces today that its subsidiary Advanced Bionics (AB) is launching its new Naída CI Q70 (Naida CI) sound processor. The device is now commercially available in Europe, Canada and several other countries in the world.”

Naída CI Q70 User Guide

Advanced Bionics – A quantum leap forward

In the UK, your NHS audiology clinic will decide whether they can afford to stock the Naída CI Q70. Some hospitals are offering a free upgrade immediately, some are offering upgrades after 5 years (or longer), some are unable to offer this processor. Check with your audiologist for further information.




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26 05 2013

Reblogged this on Harry's Ears and commented:
Advanced Bionics takes the lead in wireless connectivity for CI’s but I am sure Cochlear Ltd must be working on it too…

11 06 2013
Bionic Nelly

I’m curious to know when it is available to all clinics because apparently a member of staff of my CI centre says it isn’t available yet but will be soon. Hmm wonder when soon is…..??? Interesting stuff.

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