MED-EL: 2 Ways to Hear

23 05 2013


As of today, May 23, MED-EL will have a special offer for RONDO and OPUS 2 – it’s called “2 Ways to Hear.” Basically, it means that anybody who chooses a MED-EL cochlear implant from now until December 31, 2013, will receive both the RONDO single-unit processor and the OPUS 2 behind-the-ear processor. This offer is not restricted to any specific country.

This limited-time offer allows new users of the MAESTRO Cochlear Implant System to enjoy the very best of each audio processor:  the freedom of nothing behind the ear with RONDO’s fully-integrated, cable-free design, and the modular design of the OPUS 2.

“We want all of our CI recipients to experience the freedom of RONDO,” said MED-EL CEO Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair. “It’s a real revolution to wear a processor that doesn’t sit on the ear, has no cable, and is all-in-one. This limited-time offer puts two outstanding audio processor designs in the hands of our customers.”

MED-EL CI recipients can select the best processor for every situation: while wearing glasses, connecting with friends and family via telephone or assistive listening devices (ALDs), or enjoying your favorite hobbies. Both processors feature the same signature technologies for superior hearing in changing and challenging listening situations, all without the need to switch programs.

This offer may vary depending on regulatory approval and import regulations in your area. For more details about the “2 Ways to Hear” limited-time offer, please contact your local MED-EL representative.





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