A bar for deaf people opens in London!

29 05 2013

A bar for deaf people has opened in London!

The bar staff are deaf and can sign, there is a deaf security guard, a hard of hearing DJ, there are bright lights at the bar with pens & paper, the fire alarm has a flashing light, the signs are in BSL & English.

Salsa, zumba, and DJ workshops are planned where deaf people can be taught to read beats and play instruments.

What’s the bet they’ll even have subtitles on their TV and allow entry to Hearing Dogs?

The Deaf Lounge, Seven Sisters, London UK. Let’s start an international trend here. Who’s coming for a drink? :)

News source: New bar for the deaf where you order drinks in sign language




6 responses

30 05 2013
The Sarah Churman Story | dancesounds

[…] A bar for deaf people opens in London! (funnyoldlife.wordpress.com) […]

30 05 2013

Does anyone know the address for this place?

1 06 2013
Harry Monroe

…presumably non-deafened people are also welcome?

1 06 2013

Yes, that’s why they have music too 🙂

13 06 2013
The Writer's Bay

That is so rad! 😀 We need one of these in the States! 🙂

5 07 2013
The buillder Guy

Its called the Deaf Lounge, address details etc can be found on their facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/DeafLounge

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