Why people don’t want to wear discreet hearing aids

20 04 2017

listening with discreet hearing aids

Have you begged and pleaded with your spouse or parent to wear their discreet hearing aids, only for them to “forget” or stubbornly refuse.

I was playing around with Google search, and some specific hearing aid questions caught my eye:

  • Why won’t my father wear his hearing aids?
  • My mum refuses to wear her hearing aids, help!
  • How do I cope with my spouse refusing to wear his hearing aids?
  • My husband refuses to wear his very expensive hearing aids, why did we buy them?




2 responses

15 05 2017
Colin Anderson

Actually my dad got his HA’s following his own difficulties and my persuasions. Dad is 75 and speaks quietly, mum is 73 but “doesn’t need hearing aids, she remembers getting her ears tested at 13 and thinks there was something wrong with one ear but didn’t need HA’s” !!
I have an ABI (auditory brainstem implant) I also use a FM and always lip-reading . So it’s quite a challenge but I think I have it sorted, I use the fine directional FM towards dad’s soft and consistent voice. Mum’s is so loud it picks it up anyway. The challenge comes when everyone speaks at once and I don’t know which way to look.

15 05 2017

I think half the trouble is that everyone’s hearing is different and we all have different ways of coping as well. There really isn’t one size that fits all.

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