This blog is about living with a hearing loss in the UK and Qatar, aiming to raise awareness of various issues surrounding hearing loss.

I’m profoundly deaf with speech so good that I fool most people into thinking I’m hearing. I’m an entrepreneur with so many ideas spilling out of my head that I don’t have time for them all. I qualified as a lip reading tutor and deaf awareness trainer, and have worked for organisations that provide advice and support to deaf and hard of hearing people. I’m a careers consultant, I run my own business, I’m a speaker for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and I act as a mentor to cochlear implant recipients.

I believe total communication is the way to go, rather than oralism or BSL (British Sign Language / manualism). I won’t stand for audism and believe education, motivation and commitment are the key to success in this hearing world.

I don’t let being deaf stop me from doing what I want to do or realising what I want to achieve – in a nutshell, to pass on my knowledge and experience to make the hearing journey easier for others.

Plus, you’re a long time dead, aren’t ya?

~ Tina

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