A deaf blog can change the way you see the world

9 03 2017

top 50 deaf blog

How the top 10 deaf blogs are inspiring confidence

Last week I received an email informing me that my 121 Captions blog has been selected as one of the Top 50 Deaf Blogs on the web.

I am elated to share this good news with you, my loyal readers. Not only are we in the top 50, but we made the top 11, and it’s all because you motivate me to stay consistent in my mission to bridge the gap between deaf and hearing people.

A deaf blog is one more tool in our arsenal to improving communication and increasing awareness.



Narrowing the educational gap between deaf and hearing children

20 05 2011

According to the 2009 statistics from the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID), 840 babies are born each year in the UK with significant deafness, and 20,000 children aged 0 to 15 years are moderately to profoundly deaf. Despite this, educational provision for these children has been identified as being limited.

In light of this the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre at UCL (DCAL) held a debate on the gap between deaf and hearing children’s educational achievements on 10 May. The debate was well attended and dynamically argued.

Article continues….

The NDCS have a number of news articles and events on opportunities and services for deaf children and their families. Ian’s blog, Campaigning for Deaf Children, is a great resource for news on what’s happening on the ground, so check it out!

100,000 hits!

30 11 2010


Readers, thank you for visiting and contributing to this blog! We reached 100,000 hits today. In doing so, we are creating a community for others who are following us in their journey to managing a hearing loss.

Coming up, we have *drum roll* …. hearing aid clinic issues, bilateral cochlear implantation, cochlear implants for Ménière’s disease, the art of communication, lip reading.

Are there any issues you would like to see featured?

New website for hard of hearing

20 07 2010

Dear Auntie Tina

I would like some suggestions on what I can design or put on my website that people who are hard of hearing might like to see. This isn’t a business venture more of a personal desire. I’m lifelong hearing aid user and recent cochlear implant in one ear.


Hi Patty

The best thing is probably your life experiences and observations! Everyone has stories to tell, which often help or inform others.  I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences as I’ve been a lifelong hearing aid wearer myself and my cochlear implant was switched on 4 months ago. I’m considering wearing my hearing aid in my other ear again, but keep putting this off. The cochlear implant and hearing aid are so different, what I hear through them is a world apart, it’s a tough thing to wear both at the same time.

Let us know what your website url is when it’s up and running. Looking forward to a good read!


New deaf blog

10 03 2008

My friend Lette has set up a blog for the Irish readers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Go check out Say What? Ireland.

New website on bilateral cochlear implants

29 01 2008

A new website has been launched, 2 ears 2 hear, a resource for those interested in bilateral cochlear implants and the importance of sourcing funding from the NHS to enable bilateral implants to be funded in the UK.

This website has been a collaboration between two parents of CI implanted children, one of whom is Jason Broekhuizen who has a blog – My Son Tom – which narrates the journey of his delightfully cheeky son Tom from a diagnosis of meningitis through CI implantation to the current day. He introduces the new website in this blogpost.