The cochlear implant operation

The operation is a big deal but techniques have really improved in the last few years and it is now a very smooth ride with super-experienced surgeons. Here are some tips on managing the operation process to make it as stress-free as possible.

Most people in general that I’ve encountered don’t seem to be fully aware of this. With my studies into the medical profession, and being related to several RNs, it’s information that’s as second nature to me as assuming the air has oxygen. Because Tylenol can be very dangerous if used wrongly, I want to help others be aware of the risks so everything goes smoothly for them too.

It’s very likely that for post-op pain management, you’ll be told to take a pain reliever that contains Acetaminophen, aka Tylenol.

It is critically important that you pay close attention to how many milligrams you take within a 24 hour period. This amount CANNOT exceed 4000mg. Even one slight overdose can cause irrepairable liver damage.

For example, if you take OTC Extra Strength Tylenol, which has 500mg per pill, you cannot take more than 8 in a 24 hour period. 500mg + 8 = 4000mg.

You may wish to play it safe, and keep a small notepad by your medicine bottle, and write down the time and amount each time you take a pain reliever, so you can keep track of how many mg you’re consuming. Even a small amount just once can cause liver failure.

If you’re taking any other medications, like cold or allergy medications, read the ingredient list carefully. Almost all OTC medications contain Acetaminophen, and this also contributes toward the amount you can take per day. Writing down the amount taken and times, especially in the first few bleary post-op days, can be a simple life-saving precaution.

~ Kuchenhexe

2 responses

23 02 2015
Yogesh Lumba

I am a 77 year old person and scheduled for Cochlear im plant surgery in may 2015, is my age ok for this surgery?. Secondly I will prefer to see my residual hearing is not lost and is there implant available so that MRI can be done without removing magnet fro the implant. I will be obliged for your reply.Thanks

24 02 2015

Hi Yogesh,
Your age is okay. Your doctors would not have approved the surgery if they were not confident it would be successful. The oldest person to receive a cochlear implant was 103 years old when she had her operation.
All the manufacturers say that their electrodes are designed to preserve residual hearing. The latest implants today, with the surgeon’s skill, aim to conserve as much hearing as possible.
Advanced Bionics was just approved up to 1.5 tesla without magnet removal but that is for Europe, FDA has not approved it yet but it is being pursued. Are you aware of MED-EL’s Synchrony implant? If you need MRIs then this is a good option.

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