Calling London commuters

19 02 2010

Transport for London is carrying out research to   understand more about the travelling experiences of disabled commuters. If you are mobility, visually, or hearing impaired, deaf or a wheelchair user, you can take part in this research. Your usual journey to work or college should include travel by bus, Tube or Overground during weekday peak hours and if you travel after 7pm.

A small incentive is offered for completing an assessment form about your journey. The work is being carried out with Accent Marketing and Research.

If you’d like to take part and improve the travelling experience for other disabled people, go online to AccentMR, call 0800 028 4095 or email

Bus problems?

15 04 2009

If you have problems getting access to buses because you have a hearing dog with you or simply because of your hearing loss (I do get some offensive drivers), here’s a useful site called Bus Users UK, which you can complain to.

Parliamentary lobby – calling all bus users!

6 10 2008

This lobby calls on the Government for the improvement of bus concessions without certain restrictions for all disabled and old people, including d/Deaf people. This event is hosted by Sense, with support from RAD Legal Services.

This lobby aims to secure –

Free travel for companions
Many disabled people cannot travel alone. They need somebody to travel with them. They have to pay the companion’s fare. This is unfair. Companions should travel free.

Free travel at all times
Many disabled and older people need to travel before 9.30am. They have to pay the fare. This is a problem. We should travel free at all times.

Free travel for all disabled people
Only some disabled people can have a national bus pass. All disabled people should be allowed a pass.

Fairness across the country
Local councils can add local travel concessions. Some do. Some do not. We should have the same concessions wherever we live.

There will be two different activities:

    A series of speeches at Central Hall, Westminster, about why change is needed to the current national concessionary bus travel allowance
    An opportunity to meet with your local MP to tell them about your experiences and what improvements you would like made

Where: Central Hall, Houses of Parliament, Westminster
When: Wednesday 24 October 2008 2.00-4.30pm

For more information, please check out RAD Legal Services and scroll down to the parliamentary lobby event. Directions and marketing materials are available HERE.

New emergency text services

5 05 2008

A new emergency text service has been launched by police in Sussex. You can read about it here. To call an emergency service, send a text to 65999, starting with the word POLICE, FIRE, AMBULANCE, or COASTGUARD.

A similar service has started in Kent, send a text beginning with POLICE, MEDIC or RESCUE to 60066.

Bus passengers in Brighton and Hove can send a text if there are problems on the bus such as rowdiness. Text REPORT to 60060 and give a description of the incident, and your message will be passed on to the police.

It’s a shame the numbers are all different, unlike the national 999 number or 911 in the US. A national number would make more sense, wouldn’t it?