Live captioning comes to South Africa

30 04 2015

Live Captioning at a university in Cape Town, South Africa.

The client connects to the captioning service via a microphone set up in the classroom. The captioner hears what is being said and writes the text back – coming up live on your device in 1 second. Your device can be a laptop, smartphone, Google Glass, Kindle…. whatever connects to the internet.

Used effectively in classrooms, meeting, conferences, and teleconference calls – having the text coming up on a big screen and on participants’ own devices in 1 second. Making conversation accessible to all disabilities!

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Blog post: Live captioning in South Africa

Finally …. captions on ITV player!

27 01 2011


Today, ITV announced they are now subtitling online programming on ITV Player. This has been a very long time coming. They say subtitling is currently available for programmes such as Emmerdale and Coronation Street; however they will try to have subtitles available for 70% of catch-up content.

A task force has been created to drive forward and constantly review on-site accessibility and specifications. This is great news for accessibility – benefiting hard of hearing and deaf people, and those for whom English is not their first language.

I’m particularly pleased as I’ve just treated myself to a 50″ plasma TV … but I can’t tune it properly! Can’t figure out the wires either! So at the moment I’m receiving BBC1, BBC2, and BBC News. I checked out ITV Player on my laptop yesterday, only to discover it has no captions. At All. Grrr. So this is a welcome piece of news. I’ve just checked it out and, like the BBC iPlayer, you click on the S button in the bottom right corner to play the subtitles.

If you would like to have any information from ITV provided in a different format for accessbility reasons, you can contact ITV on 08448 814 150 or email and they will happily discuss your requirements and endeavour to provide you with suitable alternatives.

Photo: Billy 😉