Deaf diplomat denied foreign posting appeals

15 06 2011

I met Jane Cordell last week and we had an interesting chat. The Telegraph updates us on her story. I think it’s totally unfair that she has been denied communication support on the grounds of expense when other diplomats have their children shipped off to expensive boarding schools without any argument. I  know how expensive they are – been there, got the T-shirt. They aren’t worth the money.

So when and where do our equality laws come into force? Is it selective  discrimination now? What happens when someone who is already employed by the FCO acquires deafness and requires communication support – will they be dismissed? I’m keeping a close eye on this one. It’s sure to have ramifications on the employability of people with a hearing loss.

NRCPD : Lipspeakers

Dering Employment crunches the opposition

27 10 2008

Are you unemployed or looking for a new job? Do you realise it can take a minimum of 6 weeks to book a sign language interpreter or palantypist? Factor that into your job hunt … you won’t get very far.

We all know that being deaf means life is not as easy as it should be. We have to fight harder for a job and harder still for a fulfilling one. Being deaf and looking for work is basically a bowl of toenail clippings. It’s just unnnhhhhhhhhhh. Especially when it comes to employment agencies. *spits*

Dering is an employment agency with a difference. They actually care whether you can communicate and benefit appropriately from its services. Dering Employment Services was established in May 2006 and has gone from strength to strength. They help people to return to work by providing training and employment opportunities.

Dering are different in that they train deaf people to become employment advisors, job coaches and tutors. In turn, these deaf people become a positive role model for other deaf people. The director, Stephen Dering, has been deaf since birth and Dering is deaf-accessible, with services and training provided in British Sign Language. 86% of the staff are deaf so YEAH ! they totally GET the issues and barriers that we face in accessing work. Yay. Rock on!

Their programme includes the following (click on the links for further information);
Coachability in Northern Ireland and South East England
Deaf Active
Deaf Employment Service
Deaf Stepping Stones
Sports Apprenticeships
Train to Gain

Their latest news –

Last week, they hosted an official visit by Jonathan Shaw MP, the new Disability Minister, to their Croydon offices so that he could see for himself how they work with deaf people to get jobs. He was very impressed with the set up – photographs are on the Facebook group ‘Dering‘.

They are delivering Access to Work assessments for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf/blind people who live in the North West, West Midlands or East of England regions. Assessments are to enable people to identify what support they need in their job such as Interpreter Online or doorbell systems. From November 2008, they will cover Manchester, Salford and Trafford areas.

If you are interested in developing your skills and live in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark or Wandsworth, Dering have an ASDAN employment training course coming up.

Their Coachability programmes in South East England and Northern Ireland are filling up quickly – ideal for anyone who wants to become a qualified sports coach.

Drop them an email at info @ dering. biz if you are interested in any of the above.

Go, Dering, go!

Survey : Public spaces in London

8 09 2008

Ursula Hoermannsdorfer is the P.A. to David W. Morris (Mayor’s Senior Policy Adviser – Disability and Deaf Issues). She is currently doing a degree in Equality and Diversity and is writing her final dissertation about public space and equality in London. She has created a survey about the favourite and least favourite public spaces in London.

Can you help Ursula by completing the survey at the link below? If you get distracted half-way through you can return to the survey where you left off if you click on this link using the same computer.

# Ursula’s survey #

The survey is completely anonymous – she won’t be able to track down who sent responses.

Please let Ursula know if the survey is not accessible to you and she will find an alternative format. Unfortunately, free surveys come with limited options regarding design and accessibility and she doesn’t have a budget for her project. Phone 0207 983 4370 / Fax 0207 983 4890

If you can, please also forward this survey to your contacts.