FDA appoves Naída CI Q70 sound processor

28 08 2013

Advanced Bionics is excited to announce that the new Naída CI Q70 (Naída CI) sound processor has received FDA regulatory approval for commercial release and will soon be available throughout the United States.



FDA approval – Now What?

6 08 2013

MED-EL recently rolled out the RONDO processor.  Cochlear has just received FDA approval for the Nucleus 6.  And AB is awaiting FDA approval for the Naída CI.  Why isn’t the new hardware available as soon as it has been approved?

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Nucleus 6 FDA Approval

5 08 2013

Nucleus 6


Image source: Nyhetsrummet

The FDA has given approval to Cochlear’s Nucleus 6!

Source: FDA

Cochlear Nucleus 6 system


Advanced Bionics recall update

3 02 2011

Advanced Bionics have an update on the recall.

AB have identified the malfunctioning problem of two defective cochlear implants, which were giving shocks and pain to the users. Over 5,000 devices were voluntarily recalled by Advanced Bionics.

AB cochlear implants may be ready for dispatch and use by April 2011. However, the FDA process will hold up availability in the USA for some time. The new batch of cochlear implants will be manufactured with extra stringent electronic sheathing to avoid any possibility of short circuits.

Yay. Now more people have a good choice of cochlear implants available to choose from.

Go, Advanced Bionics!

With thanks to Zubair and Bob for their beady eyes and ears.

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