Helmets and cochlear implants

21 05 2010

Today, Adam Strecker was fitted with a helmet to wear while playing football. What’s unusual is that Adam is the first person to be fitted with a helmet specially adapted for a cochlear implant.  The company who designed this helmet plan to supply cochlear implant-suitable baseball helmets and motorcycle helmets.  I think a martial arts helmet would also be a fabulous addition to the range. We’ll just have to wait and see. Very exciting!

Adam’s magnet was in the usual position and he has no problems with the helmet padding, he says his helmet felt like a custom made item. It sure looks the business and a very cool piece of kit.

At a later date, I hope to add some feedback from Adam on how he likes being able to hear whilst playing football. So watch this space!

This helmet is available from Dave Lamm at AAA Sales (515-745-2531) for about $350.

Article: New technology keeps him in the game.


Alternatively, you can try a Giro Indicator Universal fit helmet. This has a slight gap in the back/rear sides with just enough room for a cochlear implant processor, and the rear strap goes over the processor. You can add a huggie (from Advanced Bionics)  for additional security (see page 7 of the Harmony Product Guide) or you can try a skeleton earmold from Westone. It is like an open hearing aid earmould, and you put the T-mic through it.

One CI user uses a Giro G10 helmet.  The “In Form” system makes it easy to dial in a custom fit.  He sets the dial wide open, at it’s largest fit, puts on the helmet and dials it down.  When he turns the dial down the guts of the helmet conforms to his head.   He wears a balaclava (a ski mask) or a low profile beanie under the helmet which makes a world of difference in keeping the magnet and processor in place, and prevents accidental volume adjustments.  It has speakers in the ear pads off to the side so if you have your iPhone/iPod you can listen to tunes on a powder day. (With thanks to Dwyerrobe)


If it’s a hard hat you’re after, check out this Elite safety helmet available from Greenham.

Take your hard hat along to show your surgeon and ask him to place your implant lower to avoid the internal plastic webbing.

With thanks to Dan from Essex for the hat tip!