Survey : motivations and satisfaction of cochlear implant users

1 04 2011

The Medical University of South Carolina is conducting a study assessing the motivations and satisfaction of cochlear implant device users, and they say ~

The purpose of this study is to explore how social media impacts decision making of cochlear implant users and how social media, including patient-to-patient interaction, helps with device selection. Our goal is to use the information to educate physicians and audiologists about how social media is changing their practice, in order to deliver current and optimal patient care and education. The study requests persons having received at least one cochlear implant device or parents of children with a cochlear implant to participate in an online survey, which includes questions regarding demographics, the surgical experience, and the performance of your device so far. Participation in the study is both voluntary and anonymous.

This study is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Ted Meyer through the The Cochlear Implant Program at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, South Carolina. The survey should take at most 20 minutes to complete. Your participation would be of great value to the medical community and the results can provide useful feedback.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you decide to participate, your responses will be anonymous and confidential. You may contact the Institutional Review Board at MUSC (843) 792-4148 to report problems or concerns related to this study. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact me at

To participate in the study, follow the link and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.



Calling London commuters

19 02 2010

Transport for London is carrying out research to   understand more about the travelling experiences of disabled commuters. If you are mobility, visually, or hearing impaired, deaf or a wheelchair user, you can take part in this research. Your usual journey to work or college should include travel by bus, Tube or Overground during weekday peak hours and if you travel after 7pm.

A small incentive is offered for completing an assessment form about your journey. The work is being carried out with Accent Marketing and Research.

If you’d like to take part and improve the travelling experience for other disabled people, go online to AccentMR, call 0800 028 4095 or email

Research on Lipreading Regional Accents

11 02 2009

RLRA (Research on Lipreading Regional Accents) is a social research site to help lipreaders in today’s society and for society to understand about the world of lipreading.

Facebook group

Calling all Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Geordie and Scouse accented speakers. Deaf, HOH or of normal hearing. Please take part in the Initial Survey. RLRA needs you.

I did the survey and there is one question that will prove difficult for everyone to answer: “Please select the percentage of hearing loss that you have”. Hearing loss isn’t measured in terms of percentages, it’s measured in decibels, and there is no conversion scale to enable me to ‘convert’ my hearing loss. Oops.

RLRA has a blog – you need to create an account to be able to leave a comment.

Survey : Public spaces in London

8 09 2008

Ursula Hoermannsdorfer is the P.A. to David W. Morris (Mayor’s Senior Policy Adviser – Disability and Deaf Issues). She is currently doing a degree in Equality and Diversity and is writing her final dissertation about public space and equality in London. She has created a survey about the favourite and least favourite public spaces in London.

Can you help Ursula by completing the survey at the link below? If you get distracted half-way through you can return to the survey where you left off if you click on this link using the same computer.

# Ursula’s survey #

The survey is completely anonymous – she won’t be able to track down who sent responses.

Please let Ursula know if the survey is not accessible to you and she will find an alternative format. Unfortunately, free surveys come with limited options regarding design and accessibility and she doesn’t have a budget for her project. Phone 0207 983 4370 / Fax 0207 983 4890

If you can, please also forward this survey to your contacts.