Pizza by text

30 08 2007

Do you like Domino’s Pizza? They have launched a SMS text ordering service.

It’s a straightforward process.

You register on their website
Create a favourite meal and submit this to 61212 (Domino’s Pizza) with a memorable name for it.
Domino’s will send a text back straight away to confirm your order (at no charge to you) and give you an order reference number
Text ‘Yes’ to confirm your order or ‘No’ to cancel the order if you’ve changed your mind
o If you text ‘Yes’, Domino’s will confirm your order is on its way along with an order reference number and remind you of the payment method you’ve chosen
o If you text ‘No’, Domino’s will confirm your order has been cancelled and that you haven’t been charged.
If you change one of your previously created favourite meals, Domino’s will send you a text to confirm your details have been updated.

Domino’s Pizza by TXT will work on any mobile phone, but you can only send texts from the number you set up when you register with Domino’s. Domino’s don’t charge for the text service, just your standard network charges will apply.

It’s easy to change your favourite meals once you have created them. Just click on the Edit button after you have logged in. If you forget your memorable names, you can log in on their website at and see a list of your favourite meals with the names you’ve given them, the payment method chosen (credit/debit/cash on delivery), and collection/delivery options chosen. You can only order from your local store and orders can only be sent to the address given on registration. Don’t forget, the payment method you’ve chosen will stay the same every time you order that particular favourite Domino’s Pizza meal, unless you change it at

I’d like to see more businesses follow suit.




One response

29 10 2007

I’m writing to you because of this post on Mobile Ordering from Domino’s pizza. Would you be interested in being interviewed for a Video Podcast about m-commerce? I think an understanding of mobile as an accessibility factor is important. Or can you recommend or put me in touch with other people who are using m-commerce?

I’m looking for about 8 people to interview in London.


research director
scenarioDNA inc.

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