Q&A: Cochlear implants and concussion

13 11 2011

Do you or any of your readers know of someone having a concussion after being implanted? My adult son was implanted 4 years ago…did great…but two years ago suffered a concussion that has left him with headaches so severe he cannot stand to use the implant…we’ve seen neurologists, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc…any one else with a similar problem??

– Brenda Brokke



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25 11 2011

I suffered severe vertigo and dizziness following my CI surgery. It was probably made worse because my incision got infected after surgery and I had to take a lot of antibiotics. In any case, the vertigo caused me to faint on the ice while ice skating, and I got a concussion as well as stitches in my head. This, unfortunately caused the vertigo and dizziness to get worse for a long time. Wearing the CI was hard for awhile, but I just had to practice for short periods and build up my tolerance for it, especially the volume. I also did balancing exercises as prescribed by a neurologist and audiologist because my balance was also affected with the surgery. I didn’t get bad headaches though, so I can’t help you there. I just know I needed to work back up to wearing my CI for longer periods. It wasn’t easy, but the vertigo has gotten much better, thank goodness. I wish you the best.

13 07 2016

I know this is an older post but my daughter is in the same predicament! We have also tried all in our power to figure this out! How is your son now? And what if anything helped?


4 11 2018

My daughter suffered from concussion and she is CI recipient. She still having sever headaches and symptoms. I tried everything .After Cat scan , neurologist testing, PT , med , please help.

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