Film : The Kite Runner

26 01 2008

This film looked promising. It is a bit long at 128 minutes but you don’t really notice it, as the story carries you away. The storyline unfolds at a nice pace, starting in the USA in the present day and then going back to the past in Afghanistan. The film outlines the story of the childhood friendship of Amir and Hassan and the breakdown of that relationship. Twenty years later, Amir has a chance to set things right and redeem the friendship. This is a deep, sad film with some shocking scenes, but it’s still a wonderful film. There is some great acting and this film has left a deep impression on me, it’s still knocking around in my head two days later.

Several languages were spoken throughout the film, so most of it is subtitled. Small parts of the film are spoken in English and these are not subtitled, but you can still follow the storyline in spite of missing these bits. I would have given this film 5 stars if it had been 100% subtitled. If you missed the movie, you can buy the book from Amazon.

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26 01 2008

Subtitled Trailer:

It is captioned in MoPix, if it comes to a MoPix (Rear Window Caption) equipped Theatre near you.

27 01 2008

Thank you so much Bill! I didn’t know about Overstream.

MoPix is, I think, an American thing. We have plain old ‘subtitles’ here!

and Stagetext for theatres

28 01 2008

Yea, I guess it is just US/Canada – I never really thought about that.

7 02 2008
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