3 04 2008

= Really Not Interested in Deaf


Here’s one reason. A friend received her copy of RNID’s magazine ‘One in Seven’ today and she says –

Just opened up my One in Seven mag. Amongst all the junk mail/leaflets they put in there is a “welcome gift” catalogue offering a free radio if I purchase something.

She’s annoyed.

Annoyed? I’d be bl**dy FURIOUS!




4 responses

4 04 2008

I love the RNID, without them around the UK deaf would have no target whatever to aim at… then we would really all be in the apathetic deep stuff…. Their campaigns on our access, ‘sexy ears’ competitions, let’s pay lip-service to the eugenics thingy, ban feedback to their sites, hire spin doctors in case the deaf find a voice, etc…. have been a ready source of ire and contentions we can mobilize feedback from, they are a necessary evil, long live the RNID ! The BDA did the yes sir, no sir gig, with signing deaf, and suffered the consequence of near bankruptcy and zeroed membership. You could always use the radio as a door stop…. Start a competition, the best suggestion for a radio for deaf people, without mentioning inserting them in various bodily orifices of RNID staff……

5 04 2008

OMG a free radio? FFS that so smooth!

6 04 2008
Essex Girl

Gave up subscribing long time ago! Sad really so many years on and still making the same old bloopers. It’s all commercialised marketing, a charity it’s not! 99% of the staff have no deaf awareness or understanding of the issues they are dealing with. It’s like the RSPCA sending out a flyer win a cage for your dog or RNIB offering free binoculars. Sadly they are the most prominemt of the deaf organisations and a laughable embarrassment to those they claim to represent. 9 million at the last cook of the books!

25 04 2008
Hilarious! | DeafUK

[…] Go here. Says it all. […]

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