Deaf employment research project

14 11 2008

Message from Simeon Klein – if you can assist, please email him at simeonklein87@ uk

Hi my name is Simeon Klein I am a current 3rd year student at Portsmouth University. Both my parents are deaf, you may know my Dad, Herbert Klein? He recommended this group for my research into the quality of working life and quality of communication for deaf people in employment. I’d like to discuss with the group admin if this is possible. My research consists of questionnaires which will be translated into BSL friendly English by my Dads work in the NHS, the questionnaire will be in a email sent to people.

My research is new because, it is the first to question how conditions are of deaf people in terms of their emotions and feelings, using this information a full data analysis will be conducted to view any trends or patterns developing. As this is done through my University participants details are highly confidential, and there are very strict guidelines on ethics. I hope you feel my questionnaire would not be using deaf people for scientific benefit but it is more a research into the wellbeing of deaf employees. I would be more than happy to send you a detailed analysis for the group to read and I would be more than happy to include discussion that the research brings up into my report. Finally you would be fully acknowledged in my report of your involvement.

Thank you very much for your time
Simeon Klein



One response

20 11 2008

I’ve contacted this guy to say I’m happy and wiling to answer the questionaire. I think the outcome of this would be interesting. A questionaire will be sent to me later.

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