Say goodbye to single-sided deafness with Naída Link CROS

27 07 2017


Hear from both ears with the Naída Link CROS

If you have one cochlear implant and no hearing in your other ear, you have single-sided deafness and struggle to hear as well as someone with two functional ears. If you would like to be able to hear from your other ear, Advanced Bionics have released the Phonak Naída Link CROS which allows you to hear binaurally.

This is an amazing industry first for cochlear implant recipients.

This is very exciting news for Advanced Bionics recipients with single-sided deafness, especially those in the UK who wish to have a second cochlear implant but do not qualify under current NICE guidelines.

Approximately 45% of recipients have single-sided hearing with one cochlear implant, which makes listening difficult in noisy places such as restaurants or in the car.

I certainly noticed a difference when I went bilateral. With my second cochlear implant, my speech perception improved by 20% and I found listening – and understanding my world – much easier.

I am very excited to see this product available to help improve hearing in noisy environments. Hearing with two “ears” is much more natural and easier than with one.

The Phonak Naída Link CROS is a tiny wireless audio transmitter which picks up sound signals and transmits them to the cochlear implant on the opposite ear.

This technology will be available in the USA and Canada from today, and in Europe from summer 2017.

For more information, check out the Advanced Bionics website.




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