Top ten reasons to date a speech-language therapist

13 01 2008

10. We’ll prove that doing it slow makes it smoother

9. We can make you scream in all the right ways

8. One hour sessions are our speciality

7. We’ll teach you how to make the “OH” face

6. We know how to get your strongest muscle up

5. We know the value of frequency

4. We love intensity

3. We know how to swallow

2. It’s all about tongue placement

1. We do it orally!



3 responses

13 01 2008

All these speech therapist things are making me thinking you’re actually dating one! 😉

13 01 2008


To think that I dumped two females that majored in speech language therapy back in the college days!!

Now I regret these choices…HA HA HA HA.

14 01 2008

You have brought a whole new perspective on that career choice 🙂

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