Subtitling on digital TV channels

13 02 2008

Subtitling on all digital TV channels

People who are deaf and hard of hearing do not have a wide range of choice what to watch on digital TV as only a selected few programmes are subtitled. All we are asking for is to make digital TV companies subtitle 100% of programmes to give us the choice to watch what we want, hearing people take this for granted.

The deadline is 20 February 2008. Sign the petition here.




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13 02 2008

We can lobby Brit terrestrial channels we can’t lobby anyone else that’s the problem. By and large the British digital channels are titled. Via SKY (Which is an aggregate provider), we can only ask if the Mr Murdoch will make it a rule he won’t transmit unless they are titled, or set a date when they must be, so far he has refused, under the view every minority will demand the same and it can’t be done. Why ‘English’ subtitles he said ? SKY is a global company, and many don’t use it as a 1st language, multiply that by ALL of them demanding their own titles, totally impossible, it has to be ‘own country’ lobbying, not SKY. Sadly I find petitions a waste of time, none are read and so far none have been acted on. My MP said not to waste my time doing it, the PM has no time to read his own site, and he should know. It ws suggested the petition site is just a means of defusing protests on the street, and works fine !

13 02 2008
Media Movers

Its a good initiative to ensure visual access is retained for deaf and hard of hearing.Subtitling & Closed-Captioning are often neglected at state & country level decision making.

Hope this brings a required change.

Media Movers, Inc.

15 02 2008

will def sign this, one thing thats always bugged me is the lack of subtitles on the learning channels like discovery.
I have always held the view that all learning channels, kids channels even cartoons should have been subtitled first, before even mainstream viewing, simply because deaf/hoh kids could start life with full access to TV like their hearing peers.
i for one could have waited a little longer(although we shouldn’t have to) as I had lived long enough without them, and feel the opportunity to give the new generations of children full acceess was missed, but hey we have to give them some credit, it’s one hell of alot better that’s for sure.
one thing I find really annoying is when the subtitles stop during a program, sometimes they put the sorry for the inconvience message up other times you are left praying they will come back on, can you imagine the uproar if the sound switched off and they kept playing the program, they wouldf stop it until it’s sorted, why are we being treated like second class viewers. and if they wish to class us like this then give us a reduction on our licence fees.

15 02 2008

MM – Why can’t we have the option to ‘pick’ subtitles as we do on DVDs. Surely SKY can afford that.
I think we have to use every means available to us to promote our needs, even if it’s via petitions which are not likely to be approved, as we need some means to show government what we want – they’re not telepathetic, much as they would like us to believe otherwise 😉

Macian – I totally agree with you there. Have you ever noticed how quickly they sort out a broadcast when the sound goes? Much more quickly than subtitles (if it’s sorted at all – or even noticed). I hate when the subtitles are broadcast at the speed of light and it’s not noticed until the subtitler comes back from their coffee break at the end of the program and tries to fix it – it’s too late then! Isn’t there a petition for reducing the TV licence fee, I thought I saw something recently?

20 02 2008

SKY doesn’t produce the channels, they aggregate them. It is down to the individual channels to caption, until they do we can’t ask SKY to offer us a ‘select’ title option, because there aren’t any to select ! Do you think SKY Itself would pay for all the titling and add it ? can’t see it ! I’ve lost count how many channels there are, 200, 300 more ? how can we lobby all of them ? ALL we can ask SKY to do is suggest they make it a pre-condition/suggestion of acceptance to transmit, but that’s an impossible dream and unenforceable too. Even WITH titles few deaf would bother to watch them all or even a significant fraction… I’ve seen some Asian channels on SKY and no amount of titling would make them watchable !!!

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