The development of subtitles in cinemas

7 05 2009

A fascinating article has appeared in Eye For Film about the growth of subtitling in cinemas, and it’s all thanks to the efforts of Dean Rhodes-Brandon. He decided to do something about the lack of subtitles when he was only eight years old, after Chicken Run came out with subtitles – remember that one? I do, and couldn’t make the screening as there was only one near me and the timing wasn’t convenient. At the moment, many subbed films are shown at stupid times such as 10am on a Tuesday when I am at work. Hopefully, as Dean says, we will have glasses in the future enabling us to read invisible subtitles on every single screening.

Eye For Film : Interview with Dean Rhodes-Brandon



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8 05 2009

He uses a lot of my trailers on !

He’s doing great things!

8 05 2009

Thanks Bill, for captioning these – you’re doing great things as well!

8 05 2009
(reminds me I need to talk to him about enable the url without the outdated “www”)

8 05 2009
Great news I think! « Liz’s HOH Blog

[…] in the Cinema that funnyoldlife has discovered on I look so I can hear blog for more details. I think this is great […]

8 05 2009

I hope they do become more available over time. I know my local theatre hasn’t even crossed that bridge yet. It would be nice to be able to enjoy the theatre experience like everyone else, instead of waiting for everything to be released in DVD. Thanks for the heads up on this. (Hugs)Indigo

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